We will not seek communion with Schismatic groups until they take steps to end the Schism they created in 1929! To this day their clergy rewrite our Church history.

That, to me, is like having some Nazi General rewrite World War 2 to make them look like the good guys! The ethnic orthodox acted similar to the Nazi of WW2 by deciding to continue to act within our canonical jurisdiction, by stealing our cathedral in court (a violation of the canons), by attacking our clergy, attempting to and stealing our parishes, rewriting our Church history, removing the remains of +Sophronius then claiming after he was reburied next to St. Raphael that he violated the canons, and their continued unchristian attack and acts against this Church, our clergy and members.

Since they are Schismatics we do not recognize any sacramental authority within these groups!

We do not seek or need any recognition by the groups responsible for the Schism, and all the lies they allow their clergy to spread!

+ + + + +

We are canonical!

Canonical does not mean you must be in communion with someone! It means we follow Holy Scripture, the Orthodox Canons and Orthodox Traditions. It does not mean we must wear a certain vestment style, offer a certain liturgy share the Mysteries (Sacraments) with a specific group especially when that and other groups have violated the Canons for about 80 years, attacked this Church and clergy, tried to end this Church, proclaimed the Church does not legally or morally exist, and continue to act in an unchristian manner against this Church. The unchristian attacks that have continued all these years after the death of Abp. Aftimios show these individuals to be unholy and mercenary and they do the devils work for their own greed.

We are recognized by the Roman Catholic Church!

We are recognized by the Episcopal Church USA!

We are recognized by a number of independent Churches!

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