Comments by Archbishop Victor

You would not thing that members of the clergy could act in such a manner that it would embarrass other clergy.

Sexual abuse issues by clergy that were covered up by other clergy allowing more victims to be injured.

Then we have what is called the independent movement. Not all clergy in this category are bad, but they appear to not fit in with the older established churches. Some dropped out of old established seminaries and bible colleges while others have little or no theological training.

There appear to be a large number of individuals who have been led to believe their lines of Apostolic Succession, if they have any, make them who they are not. I have been dealing with the lies and false claims of many who claim to be the American Orthodox Catholic Church which is the short name and exclusive property of The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America. There are still a few groups of troublemakers who claim to be us (THEOCACNA). We are taking action to put an end to all these lies. So there you have it - so called clergy who lie about who they and their Church are.

We have discovered that some of these individuals have a criminal past or at least have had accusations made against them. So we must warn the public to be very careful about who they believe and deal with.

Many in the independent have no true Sacramental Authority.

Regarding the SCOBA groups. Due to their Schismatic past since 1929 and being in communion with each other even if they claim they were not the cause of the Schism by their praying with the other Schismatic they violate the Sacred and Divine Canons and have caused themselves to be deposed and excommunicated. The only way to regain their canonical status and sacramental authority is to end the Schism by correcting the cause of the Schism. They are not Christian enough to admit their schismatic status and to correct this so they allow the laity to suffer the spiritual consequences.

We again proclaim that THEOCACNA is the only Orthodox Church in North America with true Sacramental Authority. Only our clergy can give valid Sacraments.

How Christian are clergy who continue to violate the Canons? They attack a long dead bishop in an attempt to make themselves appear to be honorable Christians. They publish "stories" on their internet web sites and often contradict themself.


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