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NY Corp. Document

New York State corporation document of THEOCACNA dated 1951.

Ignatius Ordination cert.

Ignatius (Wm Albert) Nichols ordination certificate. Note that he left this Church in 1933 according to Ethnic Orthodox reports and the following 2 certificates have him ordaining for an independent Church.

DeWittow Ord

Dewittow Cons

These 2 certficates prove that Ignatius Nichols had left THEOCACNA (1933) and was ordaining for The Metropolitan Synod of the Holy Orthodox Church in America, an independent non-canonical group.

Orig. Saginaw Letter

We post the original letter here. Shows if Roman Catholc's attend our Liturgy that we can offer them approved Holy Communion.

Stoms Ordinaton

Paul Stoms is an independent who made many claims including that he was ordained by his cousin of the German Orthodox Church, which we could not locate with German Government and Roman Cathlic assistance. He was one of those deposed and anathamatized by this Synod (1999) and waited 6 years then made threats against then Metropolitan Victor. This certificate was issued by Cyril (Waterland) from an independent group using our name. Cyril left that group when he discovered the truth.


Copy of original Registraton of our name and logo as our Service Mark. Proof we held the name over 5 years and the name and logo are legally ours now. Continued registration is not required.

Copy of original registration of the Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil Service Mark. Once its owned for 5 years we own this name. All others claiming to be us are infringing this mark even if the registration is allowed to lapse.

Why they do not have our lines

This page correctly explains in some detail why independents cannot and do not have our lines. I believe this also proves what we say.