July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009


Most Rev. William Murphy

PO Box 9023

Rockville Centre, NY 11571-9023


Dear Bishop Murphy:


Certain facts have come to our attention regarding your refusal to reinstate Father Daniel Sheridan after his exoneration from pedophilia charges. Please note that we do not condone or support the evils of the pedophilia scandal. 


We disagree with your refusal to re-instate Fr. Sheridan unless there is a solid reason for this since the Church has such a shortage of priests. If you are aware of some inside information that we are not aware of and your action is to protect rather than punish we feel this man needs a ministry even if he is assigned to being a chaplain at area hospitals.  I feel the shortage of priest’s dates back to Vatican 2. 


Our Church has a letter that we can give communion to Roman Catholics within our Liturgy.  One of our former priests was accepted into the Episcopal Church USA without re-ordination. We have a bishop in our Church who can do not only our Liturgies – Eastern and Western rite, but he also can do the Latin Tridentine Mass since Latin was his minor. I have been advised that he does a full, accurate and correct version, that he even has a Roman “Fiddleback” vestment set and I have suggested he video tape a copy for my review sometime.


If you have published anything regarding this situation with Fr Sheridan we would appreciate a copy so we might better understand your position. I mention this since I would think he has supporters from his past parishes and bishops have been known to error in some matters – right or wrong. Some of our clergy are following this matter with intense interest.


I remain, your brother in Christ,





Archbishop Victor

Corporate President