Condolence Letter

Condolence Letter
from the North American Holy Synod

We, the bishops of the North American Holy Synod of The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, extend to you our heart felt congratulations on your election to the throne of the Moscow Patriarchate and the sixteenth Primate of the Russian Church.

Your predecessor, of blessed memory, St. Tihkon and the North American Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church created this jurisdiction in 1927 specifically to serve the English speaking Orthodox Christians on the North American continent. Sadly, political power both secular and religious, came into play and our church was later rejected by our Mother and we were separated from her loving care. It is our hope that this letter may serve as a means of opening new communication with our Mother Church in Moscow and we may be able to dialog at recognition that we are indeed a daughter of Moscow.

The bishops of this Holy Synod are pious and devout men who strive to walk in the ways of our first bishop, +Aftimios, and serve the people of America in both Eastern (Byzantine) and Western Rites through the services handed down to us by St. Tihkon himself. We have even found mission roads into Africa, as well as the Philippines, where we have candidates coming forward to serve in ordained ministry according to the Orthodox faith.

While being a very small community and having been divided by our own internal struggles and politics, this branch of the original jurisdiction is still alive and seeks reconciliation with and recognition of our Mother.

We thank you for your patience and hope that we will hear from you soon. We extend our hand in friendship to our Mother and pray that the words of Jesus might be fulfilled when he spoke of forgiveness and the love of a Mother toward her children and children toward their mother.

Wishing you peace and fraternal love and many years, I remain:

Most Rev George M Jachimczyk
Secretary of the Holy Synod,
on behalf of all the Fathers of the Synod.