Declaration of Findings

Be it known that on the 6th day of August, 2007 that the North American Holy Synod of the American Orthodox Patriarchate (THEOCACNA) did Proclaim our first Archbishop, Aftimios Ofiesh, a Martyr for the faith.

Our findings are based on the following facts and known truths:

Archbishop Ofiesh was a canonical Orthodox Archbishop who was appointed by Metropolitan Platon to head the new American Church established by the Russian Synod in North America who had canonical jurisdiction in the New World.

That the Ecumenical Patriarch of that time, Basil III, claimed that only he had the right to establish the American Church - False

That the Greek Archbishop in New York, Alexander, claimed he alone had authority over all Orthodox in the New World - False

That all orthodox jurisdictions who were in the New World prior to our being Chartered, or who established themself in the New World after we were canonically Chartered, did violate the canons by ignoring the canonical authority of the New Church, by establishing new missions and dioceses in our canonical territory and by acting in a manner towards this new canonical Church consistant with causing a Schism contrary to the canons

By the uncanonical acts of said orthodox jurisdictions refusing to recognize, acknowledge or accept as the canonical authority in the New World the New American Orthodox Catholic Church (THEOCACNA) or the Canonical authority of the Moscow Patriarchates Synod who had claimed the New World as its Mission Territory.

By their act of going into court contrary to the canons to take our Cathedral usurping the canonical authority and jurisdiction of this Church and Synod.

By their efforts to steal our parishes and Church members contrary to the canons.

By accepting our clergy without the proper letters as required by the canons esp. by accepting a suspended priest.

By the Schismatic act of the Moscow Patriarchate of establishing a second Church in the New World in 1970.

By the unchristian and uncanonical acts of orthodox clergy who attacked this Church and clergy in writing and by false statements. Such acts are continued today in books and on the internet making numerous false claims about long dead clergy of this Church.

By their continued acts against and failure to recognize this canonically established Orthodox Church the ethnic orthodox jurisdictions in the New World today who are in communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate continue this Schism of their own creation out of greed and a desire for power and authority.

Thus, the North American Holy Synod declares that Archbishop Ofiesh is a Martyr for the faith and that this, his Church, is the only Orthodox Church with canonical authority in the New World.