The actual schism was caused by the Ecumenical Patriarch, the Greek Archbishop Alexander of the new (in 1929) American Greek Archdiocese in America and other jurisdictions. This was 4 years prior to the marriage but the claim today is that he, Abp. Ofiesh, married and that is the reason this church "died" according to the orthodox writers. These jurisdictions all want to claim to be the American Church.

Seems that in 1929 Archbishop Alexander told Archbishop Aftimios that he, Alexander, and not Aftimios was over all Orthodox in North America... Our canonical jurisdiction. This was a false statement or claim since there is no canonical authority for such a claim.

This is how we date the Schism. It was a lie to claim authority over this Church. Since no effort has been made by any of these jurisdictions to right the wrongs of over 80 years ago and we can point out and document a number of violations of the canons and these ethnic or scoba orthodox attack us, ignore us, and have violated the canons over the years to suppress us and steal our Churches and members we have Declared them to be in Schism with the American Orthodox Catholic Church.