Letter from Saginaw

Letter from R.C. Diocese of Saginaw

Stating we can offer RC's Communion


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This is a letter from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan stating we can give Communion to Roman Catholics in our own Liturgy. This letter was based on a letter regarding who we are - A canonically established Orthodox Church (THEOCACNA) that was established by the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

A question has been asked a few times about our position with Rome. It should be noted we have no "position" as such. We have a letter (shown above) that recognizes us under the Roman Catholic canons to "offer communion to Roman Catholics within our own liturgy".

We are mainly Western Rite but if a priest wishes to offer the Eastern Rite Liturgy we use the Byzantine Rite as shown on the website. We are not part of Rome nor do we seek to be a Uniate Church.

We are in a unique position.

In 1996 we receved the letter from the RC diocese of Saginaw, Mi that we can give communion to RC's within our own liturgy.

Over twelve years later the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburg, in full communion with Rome, recognized our divorce decree (annulment) and in a letter issued by their Tribunal titled "PERMISSION TO RECEIVE EUCHARIST" name our Church and decree stating the person who received the decree may receive communion in the Byzantine and Catholic Church. They have also issued an Annulment since the above letter was issue.

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We are also pleased to announce that Father Michael, a former priest of this Church, has been received as a priest by the Episcopal Bishop of Arkansas without re-ordination.