Abp. Dimitri E-Letter

From: Metropolitan Victor


The purpose of this message is to attempt to establish communicaton between us to help resolve any issues that may arise.

You may not know who I am but historically you probably have heard of our canonically established Church. Many attempt to claim our Church died out about 70 years ago or in 1966 with the Archbishops death. Legally and morally we are that Church and that is who we claim to be. We celebrated our 80th Anniversary on Feb. 2nd, 2007.

We are not seeking SCOBA membership or communion but we do ask that our clergy be given the same respect as other orthodox clergy - living or dead.. At this time we are being disrespected by OCA and Antiochian priests who write about us and even defame bishop Sophronius whose remains were move to the Antiochian village and buried near St Raphael.

We already are well recognized by the Catholic and Episcopal Churches. We are mainly western rite but our services are available on our website index at www.theocacna.org

We also were made aware of the problem of one of your priests being suspended by the Metropolitan (from the letters published). No details were available as to the charges and so on but we will keep him in our prayers.

For the Synod, I remain your Brother in the Lord's service,

PO Box 121
Sudan, Tx. 79371