The OCA, formerly the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, changed their name in 1970 and became the second Orthodox Church given authority in the new world by the Moscow Patriarchate.

So what is wrong with this picture?

The simple answer is that the Moscow Patriarchate no longer had any authority to give anyone our canonical jurisdiction since it had been given to us in 1927.

What the Russian Church did in 1970 was to attempt to steal our canonical jurisdiction as did the other SCOBA jurisdictions.

In an attempt to pat themselves on the back and to appear to be Orthodox these SCOBA jurisdictions continue to either attack this Canonically established Church (http://theocacna.org) or they ignore us and claim we are not orthodox.

The OCA are not really SCOBA as the other jurisdictions are but since they maintain communion with the Schismatic jurisdictions the canons place them in the same position of being in Schism.