Rome, Constantinople and
the American Church

The question's of Papal Primacy (Mother Church) and the Ecumenical Patriarch's claims of Primacy over all Orthodoxy are simple issues made into large problems.

The simple reality is;

In the history of Orthodoxy no one Patriarch has ever been over all the Orthodox Churches.

Rome originally was first among equals. Due to unchristian treatment by the other Orthodox Patriarchates and being left out and not informed of important issues Rome cut ties with the troublemakers - all the other Orthodox. They re-established the Church of Rome and made up their own new rules.

This left Constantinople next in line to be first among equals. When our Church was canonically Chartered the Ecumenical Patriarch claimed all authority over the New World ignoring Russia's canonical authority in the New World. The Abp. of the Greek Orthodox Church in North and South America, in following with the Ecumenical Patriarchs belief that he was over all Orthodox worldwide, claimed that he, and not +Aftimios, was over all Orthodox in America.

The simple reality is that Orthodoxy does not have one leader or Patriarch. Each Orthodox Jurisdiction has its own Pope or Patriarch.

Even Patriarch Alexi (of blessed memory) of the Moscow Patriarchate publicly denied the Ecumenical Patriarchs claim of supreme authority over all Orthodox.

The fact is the Greek Orthodox jurisdiction is basically limited to its Churches in Greece and Cypress, the Russian Church had some Churches ouside Russia but some of those Churches have claimed their independence from Russia, and the other Orthodox Churches also have their canonical territories. But they decided to ignore Russia's canonical right in the New World and install clergy from all the various jurisdictions contrary to the Sacred and Divine Canons. Russia through its Synod of Bishops in North America canonically Chartered the American Church - THE HOLY EASTERN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH in NORTH AMERICA, A/K/A The American Orthodox Catholic Church (our Short name).

By ignoring this new canonically established American Church for no valid canonical reason the Ecumenical Patriarch and all Orthodox jurisdictions thus caused a Schism in American Orthodoxy that continues today.

By causing this Schism they have removed themselves from true Orthodoxy and thus have no sacramental authority while they are in a state of Schism.

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America sm is the one and only Canonical Orthodox Church in North America today. Our first Archbishop was Aftimios Ofiesh of Blessed Memory who has been declared Martyr and Confessor.

Our Mother Church, The Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate, is also party to the Schism for first turning their back on the Church they started and second by the establishment of a second church within our Canonical Juisdiction.

Their defense is clearly proven to be false. The unchristian acts, claims and statements by their so called clergy are also false. They make up lies, make false claims and defame long dead Orthodox bishops (clergy).

They must end this Schism once and for all or be responsible for the souls of their mis-guided members.

Note: The Canons declare all Patriarch's are equal.

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