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--->Repudiation of attempted episcopal acts [signed by Victor Prentice] 

I, Victor Prentice, repudiate invalid acts by: Floyd Wilson Sehorn on December 11, 1991 (ordainer to tonsure, reader, exorcist, and sub-diaconate), December 12, 1991 (diaconate), December 13, 1991 (presbyterate), and on December 14, 1991 (co-consecrator to episcopate); and invalid acts by Denis Michel Garrison et al on December 14, 1991 (consecrator) and on May 3, 1997 (sub-conditione). 

This is based on the following information: 1. defective subjects; 2. no valid minister to impart Holy Orders; and 3. Garrison et al use of a defective ordinal formula. 

After much prayer on this matter and on the advice of the Holy Synod we believe we have no alternative but to issue this repudiation of the attempted, invalid, episcopal acts listed above. 

Dated: May 4, 1999 


Victor Prentice 

--->Press release 

BOSTON, MA (May, 1999) -- The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc. (THEOCACNA) and Order of Saint Thomas Church of the East announce the de novo ordinations and consecration of Victor Prentice in the first week of May, 1999 in the Archdiocese of the Northeast and Cincinnati. 

Metropolitan-Archbishop Victor (Prentice) is the Primate of THEOCACNA, established in 1927 as the first canonical autocephalous Orthodox Church in North America, and resides in Arkansas. 

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Subject: Repudiation Statement involving Denis Garrison 

Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 23:07:09 GMT 

[Repudiation Statement involving Denis Garrison] 

After saintly deliberation and reflection, and following an in-depth inquiry into this issue, the following determination has been made and is effective 14 May 1999: 

Predicated on the facts that were discovered and confirmed, I, Donald E. Hugh, Presiding Bishop of the Holy Celtic Church, do hereby repudiate my participation in the laying on of hands during the following described consecrations of those named, which occurred on the date and at the location indicated below. I demand that my name be removed from any and all records concerning these consecrations, such as those published on Denis Garrison's website(s) in public and private web pages. 

This decision is based on a series of disreputable facts in which, with apologies to Our Lord, I was involved, as follows: 

I was invited by Dennis Garrision, at that time identified as "Primate", "Metropolitan", "Archbishop", and "President" of The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc., to attend a conference on 3 May 1997, at a motel in Timonium, MD. I was originally advised that the subject of the conference was the establishment of a religious order being founded by Garrison. My attendance was encouraged by Francis Spataro of New York City, a former member of my jurisdiction, who upon his departure, later became a close associate of Garrison's. I accepted Garrison's invitation and traveled from Southern California for the anticipated purpose. 

The meeting, in a conference room of the motel, was attended by a total of ten people. The portion concerning the establishment of the "religious order" lasted a very brief period of time. Immediately afterward, I found myself unexpectedly confronted with the request by Garrison to participate in the motel room consecration (sub-conditione) of Victor Prentice, Paul Stoms, and Opatat Behanzin, the purpose of which I have come to believe was Garrison's primary intention. Without prior knowledge of these individuals, and the questionable choice of location, I had serious personal reservations concerning this ceremony. However, on Garrison's strong recommendation of the individuals involved, I allowed misplaced fellowship to override sound judgment, and agreed to participate as a co-consecrator. Garrison was primary consecrator. 

Upon returning home, based on my apprehensive feelings concerning the above events, I spent several months inquiring into the claims made by some of the clergy in attendance. This inquiry was assisted by Victor Prentice, who replaced Garrison as head of The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of North America, Inc., and who also had serious concerns about what transpired. It became apparent from information we obtained that some of those involved had been considerably less than truthful, and there was evidence of outright fraud and deceit concerning critical issues. There was, in addition, evidence of deception regarding the clerical (priest) status of at least one clergy member who was "elected" Bishop, namely, Paul Stoms. 

This fraud and deception extended to the proposed religious order that was to be established. In retrospect, it became clear that this "order" had been a ruse to ensure my attendance and participation in the consecrations. 

The consecrations in question were totally invalid not only due to the fraud, deceit, and deception involved, but also because of (1) defective subjects of the consecration; (2) invalid minister as prime consecrator; and (3) defective ordinal formula. Based on these facts, I find it mandatory to unequivocally repudiate my participation in these consecrations.