The theft was reported to the Stone County Sheriffs Dept., Mountain View, Arkansas and to the Dixie County Sheriff, Cross City, Fl. in 1988. We are still looking for this gun and will prosecute when information comes to our attention. Anyone who comes into possession or had possession who comes forward and assists police will not be prosecuted for the possession of a stolen weapon charges if they help authorities completely. We also seek the return of the gun.

If you think we are talking about a valuable handgun think again. It will probably sell today for between $75 and $125 if it was cared for. It was in a Hunter Holster that can be identified by the gunsmith who altered the holster. Is a little handgun like this worth going to court and maybe jail for? Also, since it was reported to two agencies could the gun theft end up in Federal Court? Thats up to the US Attorney and FBI or ATF if and when its found.

Stolen Gun Details

1 Schmidt .22 Cal. Revolver

Made in Germany

Serial Number - 445930

If you have any information on this handgun please contact one of the agencies listed above in Ark. or Fla. and please contact me by E-mail or call my son any evening between 7:30 pm and Midnight (Central Time Zone) at (806) 227-2214 (Texas)

Thank You.

Victor Prentice, trustee for the estate of Mary Ragen (Owner)


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