All claims are documented. If we have unfactual information or a date wrong feel free to contact us with the correct information. This pertains to our Church and the many false claims by others that they are us or have our lines.

Time Line

1927 - THEOCACNA Chartered
1928 - THEOCACNA Incorporated
1929 - Schism Occured in American Orthodoxy
1931 - Society of Clerks Secular of St Basil est.
1932 - Ignatius Nichols Consecrated into THEOCACNA
1933 - Abp. Ofiesh married
1933 - Ignatius leaves THEOCACNA and married

When a bishop leaves the Church he leaves all authority to act as a bishop. He can no longer pass on the lines of apostolic succession of that church.

All acts by Ignatius (Wm. A.) Nichols were done independent of and w/o authority or mandate of THEOCACNA.

1934 - Ignatius now with independent synod;
a. Archbishop of
b. Metropolitan Synod of the
c. Holy Orthodox Church in America
1934 - Ignatius consecrated Plumer
1934 - Ignatius ordains Witowski
1936 - Plummer & Ignatius Consecrate Witowski
1939 - Ignatius consecrates Turner

At sometime here Ignatius began using the Society of Clerks Secula of St Basil name independent of THEOCACNA.

1945 - Time Magazine article about THEOCACNA & original Society
1947 - Ignatius died
1947 - Turner becomes head of this independent Socety
1957 - Turner in talks with Antiochian Church
1961 - Turner & 3 Society members incardinated into the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese (NY)
1966 - Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh, presiding bishop of THEOCACNA, reposes
1974 - Last "Basilian" leaves Antiochian Church
1974 - Forbes consecrated by 2 independent bishops
1995 - Mariam Ofiesh is THEOCACNA Director
1999 - Mariam Ofiesh retires from Corp. board
2000 - THEOCACNA files for US Service Mark
2000 - Mariam Ofiesh Reposes
2003 - THEOCACNA Synod declares itself Patriarchate
2005 - Service Mark makes our name and logo the legal Church property
2007 - C. Bartholomew incorporates a church in Fla illegally using our name and logo claiming to be head of THEOCACNA.

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The Orthodox Canons and traditions differ than those of the Roman Catholic Church. When an Orthodox priest or bishop leaves his Church he leaves all authority and has no sacramental authorty. Since Orthodoxy does not recognize Episcopi Vagants no acts of a "former bishop or priest" are or can be recognized. Priests and bishops are not viewed as irregular as in the catholic church. Since when they leave they leave all authority to act they cannot pass on lines of apostolic succession. No Episcopi Vagant is Orthodox.

Since we are Orthodox, the American Orthodox Catholic Church from the historic Russian Church, we view the incorrect history and claims in the same manner the historic ethnic churches do.