It has come to a point where I must list some of the lies I received by the criminal, service mark infringer, Wallace Condrick, who recently had a letter of Excommunication sent to me. I say criminal since it a crime to infringe a service mark and he infringes both of mine.

Mr Condrick claims the titles of Metropolitan Archbishop, claims a synod unknown to me, and makes numerous false statements (lies) in his so called excommunication of me. I should mention here since he is not and has not been part of this Church and 1928 corporation he is not part of our synod. He uses our Church names in an effort to appear to be canonical,

some of Condricks lies

1. That he (Condrick) and his clergy have repeatedly advised and warned him, meaning Archbishop Victor, "to take quick corrective decisions to cease and desist from his false claims of private ownership of our jointly held church corporation and service marks".

answer: Look online. We never claimed ownership of the corporation, but others who want the church have made that claim. I do own the services marks and have for years the original Long Church name. I filed the necessary documents to have the mark listed as incontestable as shown on The synod suggested that the Registration be in my name in the event anyone attempted to take over the Corporate Church they could be stopped from using the name as my mark. It should also be noted that I have never knowingly spoken to Condrick or Tyminski since I moved to Texas in 2003. I do not recall talking to them before that but may have to request they not use our Church names.

2. Condrick calls our Church affairs sordid.

I have no idea of what he considers sordid but when a reporter from Condricks home state called me years ago before I moved to Texas and asked if Condrick was a member of this Church I said no, and asked why. He advised us of a complaint made against Condrick that the newspaper was investigating. I never followed up on that matter.

Condrick claims I was consecrated in a seedy motel room in Timonium, Md. on 3 May 1997.

I was consecrated at the Lutheran Seminary Chapel in Columbia, S.C. by Garrison and Vladimir Sehorn. and there are witnesses and photos to prove this.

Condrick makes claims that consecrators repudiated their act of consecration and names Garrison, Hugh, Stoms, Opatat Behanzin (from Africa) and others.

Don Hugh and Bp. Opatat were at a Synod meeting in Baltimore. Don Hugh was a guest at the synod, not a consecrator and later witnessed my Repudiation of their invalid acts. I do not recall Opatat being one of my consecrators. He had been at the synod by invitation, was short of funds to get back to the airporst and for food and no one else would help him so I gave him some money to help out. As for Stoms selling degrees out of the trunk of his car he was arrested for that. I did try to intercede on his behalf as head of the church as he had ClAIMED THAT HE HAD DOCUMENTS THAT AUTHORIZED HIS ISSUING NON-CHURCH (business) degrees. I had previously advised him to stop that. He ignored me,

My claims of Apostolic lines are true and documented. Condrick again makes false claims.

Condrick claims internet fraud without details, Defamation among other things,

Condrick claims "I am a party to fraudulent hypocrites" again without supporting documents or proof. He goes on to say "witness the news reports", What news reports? Internet reports were numerous for years by a fellow known as Father Monty. He and a couple associates attacked me and others. I was co-plaintiff in a defamation lawsuit and won.I wonder if this is this supposed to be one of the lawsuits Condrick refers to?

We have had clergy call their own synods, ordain without Mandate "for their own church {diocese}" and want to ordain women. We do not allow clergy to remain who violate the canons.

There was no due canonical process by Condrick in this matter. I received no contact until Mr Tyminski's envelope arrived with the degree issued by Mr Condrick. Since he was never part of our Church or Synod he has no "Canonical" authority or Jurisdiction to act in this manner.

Condrick claims Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of Blessed Memory retired. Mariam, his widow, denied this many time and online the various articles cannot decide what to claim. Some say he retired, some that he deposed himself or was deposed and other claims.

Condrick claims we took over their California Church corporation. This is false and since Condrick cannot prove a lie this is more defamation.

Now for the good one that all in the independent movement like to claim contrary to the Rudder (Canons). They claim their lines trace back to Ignatius Nichols, He walked away from the Church (about) Sept. 1933 and in 1934 was ordaining and consecrating for the Metropolitan Synod of another Church. When he left this Church he, according to the canons, left all authodity (from theocacna) behind and could not act in this Churches name or impart the lines of apostolic succession to anyone outside this church..Ignatius later signed a contract wth a Community Church in Vt. and could no longer legitimately impart any Orthodox orders or lines since clergy cannot belong to 2 Churches.

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