Funeral Planning & Suggestions

Funeral Planning & Suggestions

From past experience and knowledge the following is suggested esp. for our clergy.

1. write a letter as to your wishes for your burial, which vestments you wish to be buried in and so forth, or if you wish to be cremated.

If buried have all plans detailed as well as whats already paid for, where you wish to be buried, and so on.

If cremated detail who should receive the ashes and what should be done with them, i.e. placed on the mantle, spread at some special location, etc.

2. do everything possible to prepay your expenses. Buy a burial plot, speak to a funeral director about their prepaid services, etc. You can purchase coffins much cheaper than the funeral homes cost.

3. A limited power of attorney ends upon your death. You need to appoint someone that you trust as executor of your estate and in the will state if your burial wishes are not abided by those responsible are not allowed to inherit anything from your estate.

4. Clergy from THEOCACNA may qualify for burial in a local Roman Catholic cemetery. Still would need to buy the lot.

5. If your a veteran the V.A. will provide a burial lot at a local veterans cemetery at no cost. If you go to a local cemetery ask if they have a veterans section - lots cost less.

6. Another consideration is for clergy to establish a cemetery in their area. Lots of paperwork involved. Also you could contact a local cemetery and see if you could buy a small section for the Church at a discount price or they might even set aside a small section for Church use.

a. working with local funeral directors may help. If you contact them and see about using their chapel and make yourself available (reasonably) in the event a catholic or orthodox person has a funeral but a priest is not available or refuses to handle service. That director may know a cemetery owner and might assist you.

This is good advice for everyone since once your gone the family can do what they want.

I recall a bishop who died while away from his diocese visiting family, they just buried him through the mothers baptist church.

Others were buried without the service or clergy requested.

Also beware of greed! Clergy will offer you vestments etc to do their service but the family will often keep them to sell or they will lay them out or hang them so you can pick a set or two - whatever was promised and other clergy who knew the person might lay claim to them before you arrive. I suggest you ask, to prevent any problems, that all items to be turned over to you or the Church be done while they are still alive to avoid any problems. They keep the items they want for burial and give the ones they intend to those clergy while they are alive. Always rescue the copy of the Rudder since its out of print and we do not want it donated to a public library or ending up in the trash. Also have any gift be included in the will or by letter that its to a person or the church since later a family member might try to fight about the gift. Many such items - vestments, altarware, etc. are, or can be, expensive.