Metropolitan Victor's

Christmas Message

Christmas continues to be a happy time for many while other's feel sad that they cannot spend more money on gifts, more time with family or friends, while others are lonely and depressed.

We have spoken to many people the past few weeks who do not look forward to Christmas as we did 50 years ago. They have the same basic complaint as I have had for many years.

Children demand expensive gifts and parents try to provide them even if it means working 2 jobs, both parents working and being in debt for 2 or 3 years.

Is it wrong to suggest we consider an old fashioned Christmas next year? Exchange inexpensive gifts, maybe items we make, and attend Church with family and friends. Then start the New Year without a lot of new debt.

Many people who miss the reason for the season are depressed about Christmas. They say its to commercial. They say Jesus has been ignored... and they themselves fail to go to Church or bring Christ into their home. Many of you have no plans to attend Church. You may say the weather is bad or you have to visit the family for Christmas dinner. Whatever the excue its just that... an excuse. If you want to bring Christ into your Christmas its very easy to do.

How many people still attend Church on Christmas Day? The people are not flocking to Church, instead they stay in bed and lounge about the house or rush to visit family for Christmas dinner. They will probably even fail to say "grace" at Christmas dinner. We hear the saying "Jesus is the reason for the season" but then forget or ignore this fact. HE is not invited into many homes and hearts by choice.

If we continue to celebrate Christmas without Jesus we will no longer have a reason to even celebrate Christmas in any manner.

Therefore we ask that you pray that Jesus will enter their heart's and showthem the joy's of Christmas as it should be.

Please get all your shopping done before Christmas and DO NOT go to any store on Christmas Day. Instead plan ahead and spend this special time with your family and friends. If your feeling down call or visit someone special - after church if possible!


We also ask that you remember Lewis Prentice in your prayers. He died Christmas Night 1997 at his home in Florida. Also please remember in your prayers Vincent (d. 12-10-69) & Mary Ragen (d. 05-14-00). Please visit>/A>/TR> and visit the remembrance link and include all listed in your special prayers.

We pray you all have a safe and blessed Christmas.

+Metropolitan Victor
December 25, 2006