God's perfect gift is love.

As Christmas approaches and the end of 2010 nears we should remember the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of the Christ child, God's great gift to mankind.

In these "modern" times people tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas. The star that guided the Shepherds and the Kings to the stable shows the Christ child was born into Humility. He had no real property of his own and no great wealth as is expected of Royality.

At this time of the year some spend more money then they can afford. Others feel bad because they cannot spend as much as they want or feel they need to. Some suffer from depression for any number of reasons, many people spend the holiday's alone and many are homeless. There are many who use drugs and alcohol to get through any day let alone Christmas day, others are alone for any number of reasons and they face Christmas alone. Many of us who are older get a bit Nostalgic for "the good old days".

I miss the Christmas of my youth, midnight mass, the blue Christmas tree lights in the Church, our friends and neighbors all gathered together in worship, the old Latin mass and the cold brisk Wisconsin weather when we left the Church about 12:45am, Christmas with my parents and the gift from my grandparents in England.

For whatever reason a person is not able to enjoy Christmas they should return to Church, speak to their clergyman and friends at Church because being alone at this time of the year can lead to suicide, accidental drug or alcohol overdoses and death.

It is time we all remember how to keep Christ in Christmas.

We feel empty but we should not. Some get tears in their eyes when they hear a certain Christmas Carol. Church today is far from what it was when we were young. We miss our friends and loved ones who have passed away over the years. Christmas is never the same today as it was years ago. So maybe it's time to remember what we did for Christmas years ago, how we would celebrate this special time of the year.

Remember the first Christmas, the couple at the stable, the Angel and the star, the shepards and the kings and what Christmas is really all about. Remember also that Christmas is not about how much money we spend or how much food we eat. Some people cannot afford a fancy meal or gifts while some feel lucky to have food on the table anytime.

God gave us that special gift and we can continue the tradition of spreading love and kindness to others by giving simple gifts like a food basket to a poor family or an elderly person who is alone and feels forgotten.

Spending money does not make Christmas what it is or should be.

Christmas should be love, kindness, respect and sharing. Help the less fortunate person, maybe put some food out for a stray cat or dog, try to find that stray a home since it is God's creature. Toss some bread crumbs out for the birds, or shovel the snow from a neighbors sidewalk.

May God bless and keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe through this holiday season. May you learn the true meaning of Christmas and we pray you will be able to again enjoy the true meaning of this Holy season.