Excommunicated Clergy List

Copyright 1999 - Metropolitan Victor 

The clergy listed as deposed or excommunicated have been reported as such by their former bishops or synods. This is not a complete list and listings to be added must be in writing and signed and we must be able to verify the signature and information. 

Acts by the North American Holy Synod: 

Denis M. Garrison, Maryland 
Andrei S.P. Brennan, Canada 
Paul Dolan, Pennsylvania 
Paul Stoms, Georgia (formerly N.J.) 
Norbert Tetreault aka Matthew Constantine 
Robin Hood aka Paul Andrew Hood 
Wallace Condrick 

By Met. Nikolaus & reported by Abp. Paul Seece (Ukrainian): 

Michael Kirkland, Ohio 
Robert Cash, PA 
Christopher Fontaine, ? 
Cyril Beadle, Ohio 
Melvin J. Ande, FL 
Also reported by Met. Paul Seece; 
Melvin Joseph Ande (believed second time) 
Haralambos (Robert) Bouchlas 

Also attached is a document stating that a claimed installment or enthronement of Robert Bouchlas or any such episcopal "elevation" never occcured at, nor was it witnessed by the laity on claimed date at, St. Michael's Orthodox Church in North Port, FL. 

Danny (Dionysios) Edmunds 

Also note that it was reported that Michael Kirkland was also excommunicated by the Mariavite Old Catholic Church who we understand ordained him. 

Reported by Stephen Tyminski 

Norbert Tetreault
(former bishop Matthew Constantine)
Robin Hood
(former priest Paul Andrew Hood)
are listed in a "Bull of Excommunication" dated Feb. 13, 1999 and signed by Met. Abp. Thaddeus (Condrick) and counter signed by V. Rev. Stephen Tyminski (Archpriest Anthony Augustine), Chancellor, as being Excommunicated and Anathematized  (Names shown are as per Decree on file).

Also on file is a document signed by Metropolitan Nikolaus, deceased, that an attempt to excommunicate Abp. Paul Seece was non-canonical and done without +Nikolaus' knowledge or consent by M.J. Ande and was therefore null and void. (dated: 4 Oct. 1997) 

1927 Charter
Any additions, corrections or disputes should be mailed to; 

Church Office 
PO Box 477 
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For errors or disputes we will be happy to review any information you care to provide. This page is not meant to be a put down to anyone. We are concerned that people will be misled to believe they are receiving valid sacraments when they are not,.since many excommunicated and deposed clergy continue to claim to be valid clergy. Some listed on this page may not according to our files have valid orders, but to the best of our knowledge those listed above continue to claim to be valid and continue to attempt to ordain, to consecrate, and to offer sacraments improperly. They continue to claim to be valid. All named herein are documented in writing. 

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