Legal Notice of Infringement

and other illegal activities

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Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh
of blessed memory
First Archbishop President of the Church

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, inc. proclaims the following warning of illegal Service Mark Infringement, identity theft, fraud and more!

Our name and logo are the property of this Church corporation! This has been our name and logo since we were established on Feb. 2, 1927 and we have never ceased our legal existance.

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America
Our Service Mark

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The following individuals are involved in identity theft, serice mark infringement, fraud and more buy taking our name and logo, placing them on their website and claiming to be us. The individuals involved are using the Holy Orthodox Church domain, listing both names on their website.

Beware of those listed below. They are passing themselves off as us. They are not clergy from The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America that was established by the Russian Synod and headed by Abp. Ofiesh. Based on Orthodox canons and tradition they are not orthodox, they are not orthodox bishops and therefore they have no Sacramental authority. Their claims are provable Catholic views and claims, not orthodox.

Remember, when you take from others without permission you steal.


Carl Bartholomew, claiming the name Metropolitan Primate Alexander claims to head our Church, as well as Chaplain - Boy Scouts of America-HOC-AJ. We understand he is a Chiropractor and former Roman Catholic priest. He has incorporated using our name and logo in Florida (2007) and believes this makes him the legal owner of our name and logo. Visit PAKROV.org for more info.

Francis Forbes is listed as Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of our Church.

An Archbishop Nicholas Boyle-Parsley is listed for the Archdiocese of Nashville.

Also listed are Jim Moyer, Jim Forbes, Frank Forbes and Francis-Mary Payne.

Daniel Sierra, a bogus name listed as a resident of Chandler, AZ is the listed owner of holyorthodoxchurch.com domain where the infringement and identity theft has occured.

By their association they are all party to the Identity theft, infringement and fraud. Since their HOC-AJ has not been a legal entity in many years while they have used the HOC-AJ domain to violate our legal rights and the laws of this land we publish this notice of fact.

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Since they have no legal right to our name and it is not their name or property and the Holy Orthodox Church corporation has been listed as inactive for years the individuals may be held liable in our legal action.

Our evidence as to our legal status includes our Corporate entity documents dated 1928 and all prior use/ownership rights to our Service Mark (our name and logo Registered with the U.S. Patent Trademark office in 2000) and related documents are public record. Also registered in AZ, TN and formerly registered in Colorado as our Service Mark.

You may visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth website and do a search on our name (copies of corp. documents below). You will find that the individual whose name appears below is the President of this Church Corporation that was incorporated by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory on Feb, 1, 1928.

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Evidence Links

Corporate Trustees

Corporate Certificate


Clerks Secular

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Most Rev. Victor Prentice
Corporate President

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic
and Apostolic Church in North America
Established by the Russian Synod - Feb 2, 1927
Incorporated Feb 1, 1928

2008 - Most Rev. Victor Prentice
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