About Metropolitan Leland

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Most Rev. Leland J. Lannoye, D.D., Ph.D.
722 Cedar Point Blvd., Box 1
Cedar Point, NC 28584
Church Infoline: (252)557-1104

Metropolitan Leland was involved in and an active participant in the Parish life, including studies towards ordination, of St. Michael's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Milwaukee, WI. and St Nicholas Diocese, Chicago, IL.

He has a college minor in Latin, is orally proficient in German and has some knowledge in Church Slavonic and Ukrainian. He is involved in the retranslation from the original Latin Document of the Rule of St. Benedict into a more modern English translation. The Metropolitan is working on his Doctorate of Sacred Theology Degree from St. Anthony House.

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+ Ecclesiastical Resume +

Born March 22, 1945

My complete education background is as follows:

BA in education and German and Latin University of Wisconsin, Madison 1969
M.Ed. Computers in Education Lesley College, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1989
Theology degrees from St. Anthony House, Stevensville, MT. Licentiate conferred 2004. STD pending completion of thesis.

Work Experience:

Educator continuously from September 1969 until 2000 Reference and documentation provided upon request

Various outside work experience including, but not limited to: Radio, Television repair and Computer Consulting Office and related duties and skill levels Various other professional activities:
Secretary of one and president and vice president of another amateur radio club


Westside Retirement Village, Indianapolis, IN from 2001-2005 Plainfield Health Center, Plainfield, IN 2002-2005 Sat on board which implemented and arranged for the chapel and its construction at Plainfield Health Center Community Hospice Care Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Volunteer 2007


Entered the priesthood much later than originally planned or hoped. That is a story in itself and, therefore, a document in itself.

References provided upon request.