Excommunicated Clergy List

Copyright 1999, 2001 - The North American Holy Synod 

The clergy listed as deposed or excommunicated have been reported as such by their former bishops or synods. This is not a complete list and listings to be added must be in writing and signed and we must be able to verify this information. 

1. Canonical acts by the North American Holy Synod:

Deposed, excommunicated, and anathematized: 

1.1. Andrei S.P. Brennan, Canada, lifted but still under a shadow

1.2. Denis M. Garrison, Maryland. 

1.3. Paul Stoms, Georgia, formerly New Jersey. 

1.4. Paul Dolan, Pennsylvania. 

1.5. Angelo Nicolaides, for manifest crimes deposed on Dec. 28, 2001 by the full synod; other charges pending. 

1.6. Christopher Caros, deposed by Synod Majority for violation of the sacred and divine canons (c. 55 of 85c, c 6 of the 21c)  Jan. 31, 2003.

1.7. Gene Zagraba, deposed by Metropolitan with majority of Synod concurring for violation of the sacred and divine canons (c. 55 of the 85c)   Jan. 31, 2003.

1.8. Kenneth Lewis (John Cassian), Columbus, OH, deposed March 11, 2003 by Synod

2.. Unprovable claims:

2.1. Colin J. Guthrie: excommunicated by Robert Zeiger and also by Homer Roebke; known as a writer of false history  

2.2. Montgomery Griffith-Mair aka Fr. Monty: 10 years after Bp West died, Mair claimed him as consecrator, but definitively denied by West’s daughter

2.3. Kirkland's numerous claims such as being the successor to Peter Zhurawetzky are false for the following reasons:

2.3.1. Bp. Zieger was the true Successor for Zhurawetzky, and Kirkland made his claim after Bp. Zieger died.
2.3.2. Kirkland was excommunicated by the bishop who ordained Kirkland Deacon and Priest,  Abp. Robert Zaborowski, of the Mariavite Old Catholic Church, Wyandotte, MI.
2.3.3. Kirkland was later excommunicated by Metropolitan Nikolaus of the Ukrainian Church in Fla. (See theocacna.org/hocpa.htm.)  Nikolaus' successor said the decree was valid, canonical, and has not been lifted.
2.3.4. According to Bain, Zhurawetzky was excommunicated by Abp. C.Sherwood (Synod) of The Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate of America.

2.4. [temporarily removed]

2.5.  Patrick Murray claimed Roman Orthodox Church was chartered by THEOCACNA when OCCNA claimed they chartered ROC.

2.6. Joseph Ely aka Brian Kennedy claimed a synod with no jurisdiction excommunicated Metropolitan Victor based on an altered U.S. Certified Mail Return Receipt Request.

3.  Other decrees not from this Synod: 

By Met. Nikolaus and Archbishop Paul Seece, Ukrainian

3.1. Michael Kirkland, Ohio

3.2. Robert Cash, PA. and OH

3.3. Christopher Fontaine, ? 

3.4. Melvin Joseph Ande, FL

Information from Stephen Tyminski

3.5. Matthew Constantine

3.6. Robin Hood

By Abp. Homer Roebke

3.7. Colin James Guthrie, Aurora, CO

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For any errors or disputes, we will be happy to review any information you care to provide. This page is not meant as a put down of any individual. We are concerned that people may be misled to believe they are receiving valid sacraments when they are not. Some listed on these pages also according to our files never had valid orders but to the best of our knowledge those listed above continue to claim to be valid and continue to ordain and/or consecrate and claim to be valid "Orthodox" clergy but are not.


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