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The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America

This website contains historic Church information


"American Orthodox Catholic Church" short name for "The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America" [Registered Service Mark]. Along with our logo these are our Registered Service Marks.

The first and only canonically established American Orthodox Church jurisdiction in North America.

This claim is based on the canons and traditions of Orthodoxy. Any claim of establishing a second American Church to serve in our canonically provided territory would be a violation of our canonically rights and any claim thet we do not exist is a false claim made by those who attempted to destroy this church contrary to the canons. They continue to publish false claims, to attack the memory of our original clergy and they attack our present clergy with such claims as we are a 1995 "copy" but not the original church. We are and we can legally and morally prove who we are and what the non-christian, schismatics are. we believe that those who attacked Abp. Ofiesh and this Church from (about) 1928 on did so for greed and power and today they must support their actions today.

Written by Archbishop Victor
Archbishop of

The American Orthodox Catholic Church
Short name for

All information published is believed to be true and documented with our Church archives. Anyone who feels there is an error may contact us with their documentation to resolve any issues.

Excommunication note

Please note that some so-called Orthodox clergy have claimed to excommunicate Archbishop Victor by one Thaddeus (Walter Condrick) of Hunlock Creek, Pa. He is not a clergy member of THEOCACNA, nor on the Church Corporate Board but he continues to use our church names. +Victor was once contacted by a PA newspaper reporter many years ago and asked if Condrick was part of this church and he stated "NO". Mariam Ofiesh sat on our Corporate Board until 1999, while +Victor was Corporate President. We have had no contact or thought about Condrick since the 1990s and no contact with Condrick until a so called Decree of Excommunication arrived by regular mail dated June 19, 2016 and mailed Aug. 17, 2016 by Stephen Tyminski for "Thaddeus" Condrick. Since Condrick infringes our Federally Registered Service Marks we view him as a criminal by his acts for stealing our intellectual property. Read more here


Archbishop Victor is the owner of the Register Service Marks consisting of the Church names and logo as shown above used by the Church since 1927. He also owns the Registered Copyrights including our domain and photos. The synod directed he hold these registrations due to numerous independent and unethical individuals claiming they are us. With these in the church name they might delay any legal action we decide to take against them. The Archbishop owns these registrations only to protect the church and not to claim he owns the church as a few have tried to claim. Since the Church is a corporation and a legal entity it is not owned by any one person.

In Oct. 1932 a NY World newspaper article about this Canonically estabished Church stated we are the only Orthodox church in our rightful jurisdiction (North America). To the best of our knowledge not one of the SCOBA church groups ever denied this statement. None have denied our claim that they created the Schism in American Orthodoxy either. A Schism is a very unchristian act and appears to be catching up to them.


This is the one and only Church that was canonically chartered by the Russian Synod of Bishops in North America in 1927. Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh was appointed first Archbishop of this Church by the Synod and our Charter and Constitution were provided by the Russian Synod. Archbishop Ofiesh incorporated the Church in 1928 as a legal entity. We continue as that same Church today.

THEOCACNA, a canonically established Orthodox Church, seeks Canonical Orthodox clergy interested in helping this church grow.

We seek Canonical Orthodox Clergy who are unhappy with their present situation and ready to transfer to a church where they feel they can fulfill the ministry they have been prevented from offering in their flock.


Abp. Ofiesh Photo's

Abp. Victor Photo's

Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh

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Some independents use our short name "American Orthodox Catholic Church" and one even ordains women. Some claim to be in the Aftimios or Ofiesh tradition. Orthodox lines of Apostolic Succession remain within the Orthodox Church.

This Church is the first American Orthodox Catholic Church established for the English speaking Orthodox in the "new world" and we are in our rightful jurisdiction. We are not in schism with the ethnic orthodox. They created the Schism against this Church in 1929. Since the Greek Archbishop started the Schism and the other SCOBA Orthodoxy have continued to pray with the Greek Orthodox over the years they are also part of the Schism according to the canons they claim to follow and obey.

Before you continue please read this statement. This is not up for discussion. We are the one and only American Orthodox Catholic Church - (short name for) The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America that was canonically chartered by the Russian Synod in North America and headed by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh. This Church continues today. We are the original 1928 corporation!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ + ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This Church

There are a number of individuals who wish to see this church fail and cease to exist. Some are members of SCOBA churches and some are members of independent jurisdictions who have claimed to be us or continue to lie and claim they are us.

They fail to consider one point - They will never be us and cannot legally be us at any time. This Church has been setup to maintain an independent life as a legal entity with control and ownership of the name and logo as well as our copyrighted materials are ours by law.

Those who claim to be us under the American Orthodox Catholic Church name are not. They have no legal claim on our 1927 short name no matter what they try to claim.

If you think you can take control of the church by joining us do not bother, that has also been tried and the corporate board works independent of the Synod.

Those who claim to be the Society of Clerk's Secular of Saint Basil are also making false claims. The SSB was originally established within this Church in 1931 and continues within this Church. Anyone using this name violate our former Registered Service Mark since the law does not require continued Registration. We had the name Registered for more than the required 5 years and previously claimed the name as a common law service mark.

Anyone claiming any of our other common law service marks as listed on our websites are also acting in a criminal manner by infringing our intellectual property.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ + ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Any group claiming to be this Church or the Church headed by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory under any name, or our name "The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc. are in no way associated with this canonically established Church. There are various groups making claims. Many use the name American Orthodox Catholic Church which is our short name since 1927 and our common law service mark. Some use a name similar to ours and with similar initials to ours "THEOCACNA". None of these groups have any Sacramental Authority from this Church We do not recognize any Episcopi Vagant lines that claim to trace back to this Church. We are the one and only 1928 Church that was Chartered by the Russian Synod in North America, headed and incorporated by Archbishop Ofiesh that continues today.

Due to all the false and misleading claims by members of the independent movement who state they are us, are us under a different name, claim our history and lines of Apostolic succession in an unorthodox manner or just use our name but admit directly or indirectly to being old catholic we have had to put together a list of as many as we have located who make these claims.


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