Established by Canonical Charter Feb. 2, 1927

Also known as
The American Orthodox Catholic Church

To the Patriarchs & Synods of the Orthodox Churches responsible for the Schism in American Orthodoxy.

Be it known that we, The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, now also known as The American Orthodox Patriarchate, recognize the failure to accept communion with this Canonically established Church and the abuses against Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory, as Schismatic and contrary to the Sacred and Divine Canons.

We recognize the actions as stated in the canons about Schismatic's as applying to this situation as the status of your organizations and until you repent for these actions, which include continued attacks on this Church and Archbishop Ofiesh and the original synod members by your clergy (i.e. Antiochian, OCA, and others) we view you as having no sacramental authority based on the Canons of the Orthodox Church.

The refusal to recognize this Church is common knowledge, the continued attacks are published, your refusal to respond to our prior requests to admonish clergy for these continued acts supports and documents your position as being in Schism with this canonically established American Church and American Orthodoxy.

Such actions are hateful, selfish and unchristian and proof of your desire to be the leaders of orthodoxy in American no matter what it takes, including ursurping the canons.

There is but one way to end your Schismatic position and you know what that is. Until this is resolved all ethnic jurisdictions in North America in 1927 who failed to recognize this Church as the American Orthodox Catholic Church (our short name) and all who entered since are canonically Schismatics who have violated the Canons and have no legitmate orthodox status in "the New World".

We are recognized by the Roman Catholics (since 1996) and the Episcopal Church USA who accepted one of our former priests into their priesthood.

We are not interested in communion with any Orthodox Jurisdiction that cannot act in a compasionate and Christian manner especially when it comes to long dead Canonical Orthodox clergy.

Patriarch Nikon
for the North American Holy Synod

About the SCOBA jurisdictions and their Schism;


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